I have done a fair job of writing everyday for NaNoWrimo. I may not write a chapter a day, but I have been getting more done than usual. These last few days however, I was sick with a stomach bug. Also two of my children were sick. I am feeling better now and am going to go write some more.

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What a week!

My novel had suffered this last week, but not as much as my family. My wife and oldest daughter came down with strep this week. I have been taking care of them and hopefully doing a passable job. Also I have to go back to work this week and once my daughter felt better she started going to girl scout camp so it was an hour drive to drop off and pick up everyday. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I am just talking about the things that keep me from writing. I just wanted to say it is okay for me not to write because my wife needs me or my children want to spend time with me. I would not give up my family for anything.

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Storytelling insight from Sylvester Stallone

I saw this story from Stallone about action movies. I think he is right. The individual hero should take precedence over the “stunning” visuals.

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I estimate that I write about three hundred words every time I sit down. I can usually snag an hour in the morning to write so I guess that is not too bad. However, at this rate it will take me six months to finish the first draft. That estimate doesn’t even consider all the other factors like editing, and revision. I need to work on writing when I am not sitting down to write. Does that make sense?

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Hello world!

There will be more posts after I am published. Until then novel word count to date, 16906.

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